PRODUCTION/Inquiries: Serpil Mallaun - - Mobile +41 76 567 40 11

PHOTOGRAPHER: Markus Mallaun - - Mobile +41 76 330 60 47

Serpil & Markus Mallaun are a film, photography production and brand consulting team based in Zurich, Switzerland. Their serious, passionate approach to their work comes across through the results they produce for their clients.

Markus Mallaun is the photographer and brings the creative concepts to life. His field of speciality is photographing people
– by getting close to his subjects he captures the essence of their personality with sensitivity, meaning and professionalism.

Serpil Mallaun is at the helm of the production side of the business.
She engages in her work with the same seamless professionalism as her partner, and with her organisational
talent, she knows no limits when producing for her customers.

The married couples' clients include successful companies, renowned magazines and advertising agencies.
If you are looking for outstanding editorial and corporate pictures or advertising, then you are in good hands
with their company BOOSTR Foto & Film GmbH.

They creatively and competently assist their clients with visual concepts and ideas, while providing a full
service of high quality post-production work as well.

Let BOOSTR’s passion help you create a masterpiece.